I skate, I’ve skated ever since I could find a board and it’s lately been my method of staying in shape forever, plus we have Sk8Fam now.. with SK8 Kamp our crew of killer skaters and ramp builders who provide skateboarding in many amazing ways and places… if you have EVER skated, then you need to check it out and remember that skating will save your life.

VOLCOM – Costa Mesa – love this park:

VENICE BEACH – I’m getting better

If you want to skate in Venice with our crew, or anywhere, just reach out via Twitter or insta. @SparklePigeon or @staminamusic SNAP: staminamusic


ZERO GRAVITY – I passed my iPhone to someone experienced to film while I did a handplant… lol ZERO G with Jaws – yeah, Aaron Homoki! from Birdhouse… happened to be nearby