Pigeon Videos

Here’s a load of videos over the past 7 or 8 years that I’ve had on my channel and I figure if people are already watching them on YouTube, we may as well start posting them on the site too. Lot’s of NEW videos in the work now that ‘SparklePigeon’ in happening in 2018! Enjoi:

KRONiS sessions with drummer Randy Cooke

Ableton LIVE 9 in 2013 when it was just released with a Push Controller.

Rare Gibson ES335 1958 Jan guitar worth $80,000! A Gibson ES335 1958 January First Month First Year – VERY RARE Guitar

Skateboarding with Tony Hawk in 1990
Tony Hawk skating 1990 with Matt and Aaron

Metallica Live Palladium February 2017 front row no pyro in the way of the music.
Hands Down Best Footage Feb 2017 Metallica Show at Palladium Hollywood

Westie VS Skateboard – Manhattan Beach Strand
Westie (dog) vs Skateboard 2 – manhattan beach strand california

E-bike versus Segways that look like star wars tie fighters

Caught my first foul ball at Angels Stadium

Aaron Kronis circa 1990 w/Tony Hawk
Skateboarding in 1990 with Tony Hawk in Canada

Toxic Samples Britney Spears – Ableton + Wii controller 4 Midi controller triggers Vocals

Aaron Kronis plays Yours Forever Acoustic for Nephew Jagger

KRONiS 540 shove-it varial attempt at sk8 kamp burning man

JAUZ – LANGUAGE PORTER ROBINSON – Club Jewel Jan 7th, 2017 Las Vegas @KRONiS eGuitarists

Crying’ over you – Platinum blonde – Barrie Ontario, Canada November 2012 at The Ranch

More – Live Platinum Blonde from Barrie Ontario, Canada November 2012 at The Ranch

I got to a impromptu Park City Suicidal Tendencies show after something was canceled. Here’s a Rant and I also was thrown a guitar pick. Suicidal Tendencies Live in Park City, Small Club.

Manhattan Beach, CA – January 9th 2010 – KRONiS Skateboarding until Sunset at 5pm

Hoverboard Halfpipe

Curiosity (The Mars Rover)’s Sister Copy here on EARTH at JPL in Pasadena, CA

2008 iPhone video retro – playing guitar on it.

OUR FIRST EVER BURN! 2012 burning man footage. StaminaMusic.com presents, footage from our first burning man…

Sk8 Kamp Skate Kastle time-lapse two people ramp assembly build

KRONiS Karaoke @ Dimples You Really Got Me

ABLETON Push FIRST Week March 2013 PUSH it reeeeel good – KRONiS performs on Ableton PUSH Live 9

How to play Joe Satriani’s Surfing With The Alien:

Surfing with the  Alien – Joe Satriani Guitar lesson #1

Surfing with the Alien – Joe Satriani Guitar lesson #2

Surfing with the Alien -Joe Satriani Guitar lesson #3

Surfing with the Alien – Joe Satriani Guitar lesson #4
Can You Even Make it this FAR?